Caetana Teacher When of mouth in mouth histories are counted, to the foot of the fire, in the quentura of the stove the firewood, them if they become more than histories, with passing of the years, them take body and legend form, all people thus has last legends of father for son and seguidamente. They count older than when in Matinhos everything still was weeds, when everything still was green, sea was for fishes and rivers pra to kill headquarters of people, that pras bands of Caiob, liveed a teacher of Caetana name, that every day came to give lesson where today it is the center of Matinhos, for its locomotion, if it used of a horse, quick nor not very very strong, but that it took care of to the yearnings of the young teacher, leading and bringing in the daily lessons. It was fear of 1900, the city we know as it today nor passed in the mind of the inhabitants, did not have regular roads, the passages were made the side sea and when very, for small ways tracings for the daily use of the caboclo. Caetana owner as was known amongst all, made this daily passage, almost always solitary, a time that the only danger that if it had of violent death age to fall of the horse or same if to drown in the sea, of this form, day after day, Caetana Teacher mounted in its horse and with its material the strap col, went and vine of Matinhos with the naturalness of that it goes to the market to buy bread. In one of these comings, Caetana owner already arrived close to its house, for advancing of the hour would have to be ones 8 of the night, the covered with star sky and hot, they...
Reforming Old Floor Reforming an old floor to carry out reform on an old floor is necessary to verify their status, taking into account if the floor has cracks, moisture or any other important defects. Perform comprehensive reform of an old floor can take between two months and three months approx., so it is recommended that different jobs to perform supervised by a company of reforms that will take care of everything. When we have clear how we want to reform our floor, we will ask three budgets at companies of different reforms to compare. Budgets must always be in writing and by items such as materials, grades, etc. Once we have chosen a budget reform, we can negotiate with the company of reforms the inclusion of a penalty clause in case that reform is not delivered within the stipulated time limit. Stages of the reform of the floor: knock-down; in which is included the demolition of all the constructive elements that won't stay once renovated floor, taking into account its rear shovel. Facilities; heating, plumbing, electricity, etc. Also included here are welding or brazing as new partitions was, straightening of walls, etc. Finishes. At this stage you look at carpentry, painting, etc. In an old floor, it is convenient to change all kinds of pipes and drainpipes because in addition to being made with materials that already are not currently employed in their manufacture, with the passage of time have suffered significant wear and may be a focus of post-reform breakdowns. If you want to perform a comprehensive reform or a reform of home, please contact us and we make your budget reform floor at: