Ramon Gallegos And Holistic Education human events, and developed a scientific view shared by a community of scientists who defended criteria for assessing what was real and what was not real, it is now important to jump to a paradigm shift and restructure education venture in making them learning communities. But as this movement to name this new revolution in education, is called holistic education, the term holistic l comes from Greek holos, which means in our context all, it means that reality is an undivided whole that is not fragmented that the whole is the fundamental reality. The entire structure is not static, but rather the universal flow, impermanent, movement can only be grasped by the mind as a quality of consciousness. For example, we can not separate the student, community, family, teachers and school, it is wrong to focus on the task of educating only on academic concepts and terminologies to train professionals of excellence, because unless we begin to integrate want to spend our forces in improving the academic level and quality of our students, we have to see differently, have a vision that is based on the integration of knowledge, for example, art, science, spirituality and traditions, a mixture that can overcome the fragmentation of knowledge expressed in the academic disciplines. The fisiosfera, the matter that is believed to exist from the Big Bang given the possibility of development of life. The biosphere, giving rise to life on the planet, certificates, plant, animal, bacteria, etc.. The noosphere is the mind, reason, human thought and finally, La teosfera is the awakening of the spirit, when man created the consciousness of his own nature.
Average Age The adventures lived for the knights are repletas of unusual events, miracles, temptations, among others. But the knight who would go I obtained, and it obtained to arrive until the Graal, he was purest, that did not possess sins, that is, what more the God resembled itself. Mayor of NYC understood the implications. That in the case it was Galahad, the knight who had the pureness enough to look at and to catch the Graal. The workmanship ' ' In Search of the Graal' Saint; ' although to be part of a type of literature that was not approved for the church in the Average Age of the emphasis the faith, to the respect for the customs taxes for the church. In the commented novel one perceives some characteristics of the time, the faith, in all and any thing had the presence of the church, the necessity of the man to be most similar of possible God, among others. But beyond these Christian elements, it had others, which were condemned by the church. An example clearly is the love between Lancelot and Guinever, therefore the church condemned the love between the man and the woman. This being one of the factors that Lancelot to arrive until the Graal hindered, therefore it was not pure because of this love. Another present characteristic in the novel is that the text is made in chats and has a well simple language. I recommend to the workmanship ' ' In Search of the Graal' Saint; ' the article ' ' The Imaginary Christian in Novels of Cavalry and the Cantigas de Amor' ' students and professors of the course of Letters, and all and any person whom knowledge interest has on the Literature of the Average Age. Daniella de Jesus Rasp, student of 3...