Europe These transporters are similarities with conventional platforms, but unlike them, have special grooves, similar to the size of containers in the middle of the machine (between axles). This deepening can reduce the clearance (clearance) and respectively to put containers on each other. In Europe there are restrictions on the height of the trains, which prohibit put containers on each other, so they are transported in one layer on the platform. On ship containers to put the 7 pieces in height. In the carriage of motor vehicles, containers are transported in special container - cars with trailers - platforms. For the transportation of goods by sea are used ships, specially designed to hold containers. Some of them are capable of carrying hundreds of containers simultaneously. Their capacity is usually measured in teu or feu. These initials refer to 'twenty feet standard 'or' standard of forty feet '(' twenty feet equivalent unit 'and' forty feet equivalent unit '). For example, a ship that can carry 1,000 containers and 2000 twenty-foot has a load capacity of 1000 feu or 2000 teu. In 2005, the largest ship had load capacity of 8000 teu. A necessary condition for the functioning of the intermodal system is the availability of information system, through which the execution order (shipping contract), ie planning, manage and control the entire process of delivery due to the advanced, accompanying and ending the process of delivering information. At the present time in world practice widely different systems of electronic data exchange, the extent to which determines the level of competitiveness of various logistic transport systems in the world market of transport services. The principle of introducing new forms of interaction between all links in the transport chain is particularly important for the functioning of the intermodal transport system, because the effectiveness of such...
The Seven "deadly Sins" Of Mortgage Borrower 1. Careless When buying an apartment make sure its legal purity. If after two or three years, a happy "living loan" from the apartment to light "rightful owners" - it will not bring you joy. With banks in this If you pay off for an insurer, but the search for an apartment have to start from scratch, but the money invested will not return. 2. FALSE Do not lukavte interviews at the credit committee - you still will be on clean water. Members the credit committee are experienced and fully aware - that how much in real life. Do not forget that the restrictions on the share of income allocated to repayment of the loan established banks, often justified. Payments overstated by the amount of credit you can inflict a severe blow to family budgets. 3. Complacency is your confidence that the "warm" relationship with his superiors and family happiness will last forever, can not be justified. If your spouse acts as a co-borrower, prior to making a mortgage loan Apply for a marriage contract, negotiate on shore "- the section of property which is subject to mortgage, rather troublesome procedure. Worth think about how quickly you can find a new job with an acceptable to repay the loan income. Nor should we hope that you will quickly find an apartment that you are completely satisfied with. Options offered on the mortgage, usually worse than an apartment for real money. Good apartments realtors prefer to sell directly, without engaging in mortgage trouble.