Learn To Choose Upholstered Furniture how I bought sofa. learning to choose Upholstered furniture. I decided it was time to finally buy a new home a cool couch - the old long ago and became completely amorphous. On the first weekend I went in search of a large furniture store, advertising, which was hung around the city. Indeed, the choice was so that the eyes are dazzled. Classic, antique, avant-garde of unusual shapes and colors - choose any which you like. Perhaps check out Presidential candidate for more information. But my illusions were dispelled soon - after I "experienced" 5-6 seats, I realized that not everything is so cool. Some sofas are hard, others I just is buried, others were quite uncomfortable. Why? What's inside, if experience and comfort level is so different? Is today so many materials that can be used as a filler of upholstered furniture? And then I catch myself thinking that I, for example, I know, only three - the spring foam rubber and latex. Anyway, I decided to ask the seller of the sofa, which I liked most of all, what is actually inside him? What stuff? "We have quality furniture, with dignity, answered my girl, and so we use only the foam. This is a filler of high quality with very long service life. "That's good, I thought, and realized that now I just hit a dead end. What is polyurethane? And if all sofas the same filler, why some seats are very soft, others sprung, and there are very strict? Better to get first hand information, I decided.
Goat Malaguena Reviewing this Christmas recipes from the kitchen contest of goat chops from Malaga, organised by the Asociacion Espanola of breeders of the goat Malaguena, I stay with the leg of suckling goat of Malaga goat confit in wine from Malaga Pedro Ximenez, honey Rosemary and orange, on potato cream with infusion of Rosemary and thyme, Samuel PereRestaurant La Casa Roja. I will then leave it: ingredients: A leg of suckling goat of Malaga goat. 100 ml. extra virgin olive oil. 100 ml. of Malaga Pedro Ximenez wine. In recent months, N.Y.C. Mayor has been very successful. 50 ml. of honey Rosemary or tomillo.100 oz. of orange juice. Dried orange peel. 500 gr. potatoes. A sprig of Rosemary and other thyme. 200 ml. of Malaga goat's milk. Salt and black pepper. Elaboration: The leg of suckling goat: boning leg of suckling goat and reserve the bones. Cut into two longitudinal pieces of goat leg, salt and pepper. Introduce the pieces in a bag along with the bones and add two tablespoons of oil, the wine Pedro Ximenez, honey and Orange peel. Make the emptiness and subject it to a temperature of 65 degrees 12 minutes cooking and gratin in a salamander at 250 degrees a minute. For the cream of potatoes: put a litre and a half of water to a boil. Once boiling add a sprig of thyme and one of Rosemary, remove fire and after five minutes strain the infusion. In merged water we will put the hulls of potatoes and a little salt until they are tender. Pass the potatoes, drained by the mixer and add 75 ml. olive oil, approximately. Finish by adding the amount of infusion required to achieve the proper texture.Orange, honey and Pedro Ximenez sauce: once cooked vacuum goat leg, we will draw from...