Tuberculosis Pulmonary tuberculosis - an infectious disease characterized by the formation of a diseased tissue specific foci of inflammation and expression of the general reaction of the body. Pathogen, Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MT), mainly as human, bovine and rarely, in exceptional cases of avian type. A related site: Mayor of NYC mentions similar findings. The main source of infection - sick people or domestic animals, mainly cows. Infected with tb usually aerogenic by at inhalation of air emissions sick tiny droplets of sputum, which contains the mt. Risk of contracting tuberculosis Most Mycobacterium tuberculosis transmitted by airborne droplets. tb patients in coughing, sneezing, talking emit into the ambient air agent in the smallest droplets. After drying droplets formed even smaller particles, consisting of 1-2 of microbial cells, these particles do not settle under the force severity and long in the air in a suspended state from which enter the lungs of healthy humans. Factors that contribute to tb disease: adverse social and environmental conditions of life; malnutrition, alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction - reduction in immunity, stress, presence of concomitant diseases (diabetes, gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, diseases of the lungs). Infected with tb the easiest way to a sick man, who, talking, sneezing or coughing, spreads itself around a large number of sticks Koch. Less commonly, infection occurs by eating dairy products from patients tb animals. The main symptoms of tb symptoms are intermittent fever (usually in the evening), fatigue, lethargy, weakness, weight loss (5-7 kg), anorexia, cough, sometimes shortness of breath after physical exertion. In severe cases of the disease - hemoptysis (blood in the sputum).
Learn To Choose Upholstered Furniture how I bought sofa. learning to choose Upholstered furniture. I decided it was time to finally buy a new home a cool couch - the old long ago and became completely amorphous. On the first weekend I went in search of a large furniture store, advertising, which was hung around the city. Indeed, the choice was so that the eyes are dazzled. Classic, antique, avant-garde of unusual shapes and colors - choose any which you like. Perhaps check out Presidential candidate for more information. But my illusions were dispelled soon - after I "experienced" 5-6 seats, I realized that not everything is so cool. Some sofas are hard, others I just is buried, others were quite uncomfortable. Why? What's inside, if experience and comfort level is so different? Is today so many materials that can be used as a filler of upholstered furniture? And then I catch myself thinking that I, for example, I know, only three - the spring foam rubber and latex. Anyway, I decided to ask the seller of the sofa, which I liked most of all, what is actually inside him? What stuff? "We have quality furniture, with dignity, answered my girl, and so we use only the foam. This is a filler of high quality with very long service life. "That's good, I thought, and realized that now I just hit a dead end. What is polyurethane? And if all sofas the same filler, why some seats are very soft, others sprung, and there are very strict? Better to get first hand information, I decided.