The Streets And to talk about during election time. The subjects of misery belongs to the group of anonymous subjects are even candidates for the vouchers of shame because, for lack of identification, are even worse as citizens and as fellow citizens, residents of the neighborhood. Perhaps the only identity card is its filth, illiteracy and above all, that gives them away chronic anemia. Source: Presidential candidate. Women and children's social distress roam the streets of our cities in the form of bodies who dig the garbage of others in pursuit of a crust of bread, one medium fruit damage, anything that serves to deceive the hunger that eats there. Misery grows at the same pace as the corruption. Here we are at the top as if it were an Olympic just where we are, while we, get first place in the world. Bitter fight that corruption is all. It is not just theft of public property, but also of their misuse, non-transparency in procurement and contracts, the silent complicity of the authorities, the ineffectiveness of the judicial and control systems that make blind eye to irregularities committed by the power. The corruption of the word and not fulfilled, empty offerings, the rules violated by the whim of power. The corruption in the purchase of consciences. As they do not accept reports or publications that tell the reality, not the praise, immediately and with extreme arrogance and cynicism, dictate a law silence, deny, and from now on, hide under the carpet the truth of the country. Those who say otherwise are enemies of the regime K. Much to my regret, and with tremendous pain, I must admit that the harsh realities, shows that our leaders have the will to power for power, to the extent that it is a vehicle for social...
Tuberculosis Pulmonary tuberculosis - an infectious disease characterized by the formation of a diseased tissue specific foci of inflammation and expression of the general reaction of the body. Pathogen, Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MT), mainly as human, bovine and rarely, in exceptional cases of avian type. A related site: Mayor of NYC mentions similar findings. The main source of infection - sick people or domestic animals, mainly cows. Infected with tb usually aerogenic by at inhalation of air emissions sick tiny droplets of sputum, which contains the mt. Risk of contracting tuberculosis Most Mycobacterium tuberculosis transmitted by airborne droplets. tb patients in coughing, sneezing, talking emit into the ambient air agent in the smallest droplets. After drying droplets formed even smaller particles, consisting of 1-2 of microbial cells, these particles do not settle under the force severity and long in the air in a suspended state from which enter the lungs of healthy humans. Factors that contribute to tb disease: adverse social and environmental conditions of life; malnutrition, alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction - reduction in immunity, stress, presence of concomitant diseases (diabetes, gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, diseases of the lungs). Infected with tb the easiest way to a sick man, who, talking, sneezing or coughing, spreads itself around a large number of sticks Koch. Less commonly, infection occurs by eating dairy products from patients tb animals. The main symptoms of tb symptoms are intermittent fever (usually in the evening), fatigue, lethargy, weakness, weight loss (5-7 kg), anorexia, cough, sometimes shortness of breath after physical exertion. In severe cases of the disease - hemoptysis (blood in the sputum).