England Premier League The small town of Blackpool, in the first place, famous for the amazing main street, the famous dance festival and its famous beaches, where the flock in the summer lots of tourists, eager to relax at the seaside. Therefore, Considering these factors, until recently it was very difficult to call Blackpool football town, and surely few would expect them to yield to the Premier League, but, of course, fans of the team. But head coach Ian Holloway was able to customize player to achieve this result, and now fans of the club of the resort town of English can be happy: their team will play in one of the strongest and most exciting World Championships - England Premier League. It is clear that the new team will be very difficult to get used to life in this championship as the Premier League in England. But I still think this coach as Ian Holloway should be aware of what steps need to take to spend this season on a high level. Of course, the team will be very difficult, but there are factors that can play in favor of Blackpool - is, first of all, the status of 'dark horse'. Probably unlikely in the Premier League there team familiar with Blackpool. Just this, they can take advantage of the full, at least until such time as Premier League clubs will not be able to fully explore this mysterious game style team. In addition, Blackpool will be have good support from fans, despite the fact that their stadium is one of the malovmestimyh in the Premier League. So, this team has every chance to survive in their first season in the top league, they just need a little good luck, and, of course, the faith and support from fans of the club.
Torsten Roder If they are already installed in a product. Then it is hard of course, to explore the causes, if ESD is not anchored in the minds"the expert continues. ESD can have serious consequences. We are not talking about cents each. Products with a damaged electronics get broken by the customer. In the company itself, the production can stop suddenly when defective control electronics. "What then is clear and uncomfortable: delays, inferior products, dissatisfied customers, high cost." Meanwhile, there are also numbers that prove that. Component defects that have no optical or mechanical error, process - or handling errors, have 35 to 40 percent ESD as a cause. Torsten Roder comes even as state-certified engineer, quality assurance. He recognized as quality Manager, that ESD is directly linked with the fate of products. Michael Bohm and Torsten Roder founded therefore 2008 the ESD Academy, even certified the world's current standard DIN EN 61340-5-1 (protection of electronic devices against electrostatic phenomena). This certificate is valid for three years and will be reviewed annually. After this period must be newly certified. A certification according to DIN EN 61340-5-1 so ensures the quality and offers a real competitive advantage. This standard applies under a different name as well as in Asia. However there do not understand the importance of ESD at all", Roder knows from personal experience. A clear advantage for elabo and elabo's customers. "Because product quality is simply the best argument on the market!" More information under: Hannover-Messe-2013 elabo working environments for people with ideas form. Trade fairs Testing Mount The elabo control GmbH the technology leader in the development and production is mess - und PRuFTECHNIK smarter for the electrical industry and electricians. High-quality equipment, software, systems and furniture are used by our customers in education, research and development, production and quality...