Roman Glass Best of British designs created in this century, are in the Cathedral Canterbury. They are the ancestors of Christ (c. 1180). Canterbury Cathedral Stained Glass Beautiful stained glass windows 12. preserved in the Chartres Cathedral in France, here on the famous west window, called La belle Verriire (fine stained), shown Tree of Jesse with the ancestors of Christ on the branches and the Virgin and Child. In the stained glass windows 12. Preserved and in Angers, St. Denis, Chalon-sur-Marne, Bourges, Strasbourg and Poitiers, feel typical of the Romanesque art conventional composition, but less strict than in earlier works. Offialny site of Chartres Cathedral Chartres North rose in the late Roman era stained glass windows began to make a series of compositions on biblical themes related to each other in meaning, but are separated by partitions. Increased variety of scenic detail, those characters were given to the characteristic expressions: facial features painted grisaille - a brownish-gray glaze, which is kiln is sealed in a bright pieces of glass made in the shape of the head and hands. At the same time in the backgrounds of stained glass depictions of the various secondary episodes. The result was a composition reminiscent of late-Gothic tapestries, with their multi-layered and multifaceted compositions. Famous round window - Gothic 'Rose', is placed in the central part of the facade cathedrals (such as Notre Dame cathedral in Reims and Chartres), are examples of purely decorative compositions 13. These circular stained-glass windows were very complicated, but a clear and coherent structure.
Variants Of Closets Wardrobes, are known to be an excellent opportunity of distribution of living space in the room. Due to their design, they do not require extra space to open and close doors, they can be accommodate virtually any free site. Let's say you decide to purchase a wardrobe. As it can be installed in the apartment? There are several basic options for setting-in closets. Placement in many ways depend on the type of the cabinet. Sliding doors come in two basic types: built-in and hull. Hull closets have all the walls, floor and ceiling. In some ways, this wardrobe is like a wardrobe, with only one advantage - sliding door. This wardrobe can be moved around the apartment as you wish, you can put anywhere. In built-in closets do not have all the walls, no ceiling and floor. This stationary cabinets, which can not be move. But if there is an urgent need, wardrobe can disassemble and reassemble at the new location. Fortunately, understand these closets are very quick and easy. Hull closets can be installed as the usual wardrobe. Can along the wall, you can postavitego into a corner. In general, the same as with conventional cabinets. Often the hull closets used as interior partitions. This is particularly relevant method of setting-in closets for office premises, because in this way you can create a separate area for employees, and solve everyday problems. C-insect, everything is different. The most ideal location built wardrobe is a niche. Thus, we can kill two birds at once, and set the desired cabinet at home, and use the previously unused space in the room. Closet, built-in niche to be the most harmoniously fit into the interior of the house. Also very handy is the option where the built-in wardrobe will be located along the wall,...