You Have The Choice I am a relationship coach and, unlike most, dealing with "relations of others. Of course, make love happen without wings and an arrow, but really make a difference in trade relations, family relations, relations with community relations old and hard and everything else we take for granted, lost or forgotten. I am also an activist for ending hunger and creating jobs for the homeless. These activities make me think politically . For example, I just found out that this administration does so much more in food aid that had never done before. I was initially surprised and happy. Then I found that the increase was compulsory. The budget is linked to population requiring food aid. This has triggered so that the budget has increased dramatically. Hunger is increasing. My natural instincts are to rail and rant, to trample feet (verbally) and complain. But I am a coach relationship. I tell people of my commitment is that people around me loves the experience and contribution, wisdom and harmony, So I made one of the great secrets of relationships? I remembered that I have a choice. And I forgave him. Forgiveness is the great secret of relationships? and is more potent when undeserved. (A valuable related resource: Joeb Moore & Partners ). How I can forgive is that I can use what the Buddha said: "Forgiveness is giving up all hope of a different past." So I take it in the past, away from morality, again in the present and work towards the future. IMPORTANT: You have permission to publish this article electronically or in print, free of charge, as long as the bylines are included. A courtesy copy of your publication would be appreciated. Michael Lipp is a coach, an author, an artist, a speaker and a happy grandfather.
Media Underload! Reduce Stress The war, taxes, the economy, increased health problems, crime on the rise, overwhelming divorce rate, corruption in corporate America, and, oh yes, Janet at the Super Bowl! Where does it end? With everything that's wrong, what is good in the world? It's times like these that I find myself stuck in the mud to vomit in each media. Like water dripping on a sponge, this negativity begins to seep into and penetrate my thoughts and my reactions to influence the world around me. Often, a bad attitude or a bad mood can be traced directly to what they have reported to me. Look at many of the recent studies on violence in children's television and behavior. Evidence is clear that the thoughts and actions of children is a significant change when exposed to acts of violence over extended periods of time. Do adults differ? Ensure that its important to continue the current policy, war, the economy and pop culture, but even when is enough, enough? Dont get me wrong, I'm not promising to stick their fingers in their ears, close your eyes and cries, Find a happy place! Find a happy place! Still follow the news. There are very important events happening in the world these days and think it's important for me to be informed. I also like to see a few television shows. Just because I cut my consumption of media does not mean I'm closing the Soprano family of my life So some people get stuck here and there. That does not mean that there is some redeeming qualities to gangster life (well, so you arent). Regardless, The Sopranos, "and although I have been too much time together over the last six seasons and recently one of my favorite actors, Steve Buscemi joined the cast. I have,...