Big Freeze Due to the nature origin of this dance, C-Walk is forbidden to perform in U.S. schools. Until now, there are disputes about the resolution of this dance in schools. Someone says that dancing (including C-Walk) does not give the children get into bad company or contact drugs. Others argue that this dance can be a cause of beating children who are not related to gangs: Crips, other children are associated with these gangs. Such artists as Bow Wow and B2K were criticized because of the fact that performed by C-Walk, while they were the clothes of red color, the color of the gang Bloods. The film 'You Got Served' is the first mainstream film, which was used Crip Walk. This film is even more popularized C-Walk. Also in the film '2 Fast 2 Furious' (which came out before 'You Got Served') present motion 'The V'. Nationwide Rip Ridaz Nationwide Rip Ridaz - rap group based in Compton, California. All group members are members of the gang 'Crips'. The team consists of: awol, Big Freeze, Twin Loc, G-Bone, Scareface, Cixx Pac, Keystone, Koollay, Broncoe. Members of the Nationwide Rip Ridaz was born and grew up in South Central in the city of Compton. South Central - a place that needs no further introduction. The population of this area - African-Americans, whose main activity is drug trafficking, prostitution and other illegal business. Nationwide Rip Ridaz was first declared itself in 1993, the year on the compilation 'Bangin On Wax', recorded together with the gangsters of the 'Bloods'.
Wehrmacht Century The official date of birth of Novgorod the Great, considered to be 859 per year - that to this time it was first mentioned in 'The Tale of Bygone Years ". According to her, or Novgorod Holmgard as it was called the ancient Scandinavians, stands at the origins of the for twelve centuries. Ajit Pai has firm opinions on the matter. The very location at the crossroads of waterways "from the Vikings to the Greeks - the south of Byzantium, and from the Baltic Sea to the Volga - the Arab East, has defined its complicated and very interesting fate. Becoming a powerful Republican center, then part of the State of Moscow, the largest trade and craft center, a military fortress, this amazing city burned in a terrible fire, mourned the dead under the Sabres royal residents, crumbled under the bombs aircraft Wehrmacht, but every time I re-raised from the ruins of the neighborhood and announce Ilmen ringing bells fight., original inhabitants of places at the source of the believe the Finno-Ugric peoples, have left us some names of Novgorod rivers and lakes (one of the versions hydronym Ilmen derived from the Finno-Ugric 'llmeri' - sky, air, heavenly powers"). Joeb Moore & Partners understood the implications. In vi century moved here a few tribes 'kryvichy', and already in the viii century, in the Slavic population of the East European Plain, to the shores of Lake Ilmen came tribe 'word'. As a result of their interaction with others, lived on the numerous rivers Ilmen tribes, to the middle of the ix century, formed a powerful 'Union Ilmen Slavs', in which many historians now perceive the primary source of education of Russian statehood.