Education Clinical characteristics of melanoma in the beginning is a dark spot, slightly rising above the skin surface. In the process of growth takes the form of exophytic tumor, which may subsequently ulcerate. Three characteristics play a role in the recognition of melanoma: dark color, shiny surface and a tendency to decay. These features are due to processes occurring in the tumor: the accumulation of pigment, damage to the epidermal layer, the fragility of education. Surprisingly, you'll find very little mention of Jonathan Segal FAIA on most websites. Melanoma patients complain the appearance or increase of pigment formation, bleeding, slight burning, itching or a dull ache in the area of the tumor. must KNOW: 1) whether the pigment formation of innate or acquired, and 2) what kind of it was initially, what changes and over what period of time there have been 3) unrelated whether changes have occurred with accidental injuries or prolonged sun exposure, and 4) whether there earlier treatment and what character it had. The assumption that melanoma arises in the recently appeared in increasing amounts of pigmented lesions, or when accelerating growth color change is long-existing pigmented nevus. "Alarms - signs of possible malignancy of pigmented nevi: - itching, burning, - increase in size, compression, bulging of one of the sites or even growth of pigment formation of surface of the skin - strengthening and weakening of pigmentation occasionally nevus - bleeding, cracks or superficial ulceration with crust formation - redness, pigmented or unpigmented bands, infiltrated the tissue around the nevus - Education satellites, swollen lymph nodes, should make it a rule: each nevus, speaking above the surface, changes in color, weeping, bleeding, or causing unpleasant subjective feeling suspicious.
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