Company Introduction Junior Comtec Darmstadt e.V. receives CEO of Campana & SCHOTT realization Management GmbH was on Wednesday, the 06.06.2012, junior Comtec Darmstadt e.V. the management and technology consulting firm Campana & SCHOTT realization Management GmbH in the weekly Wednesday meeting attended. Bill Nuti brings even more insight to the discussion. Campana & SCHOTT occurred in 1992 for the first time on the market and at present 200 employees after a now 20-year success story. The company is represented with a total of nine sites in the countries of France, Austria, Switzerland and Germany, and is located in a strategic alliance with Microsoft since 1995. During his presentation, Mr. Professor Schott first presented the company and gave an overview of its historical development. He was closer in particular on the two core competences project management and process optimization, then explained what is meant by these concepts and how these relate the student consultants. Then were the young consultant using a practical example to the Stimulated thinking with which the lecture was all the more exciting and interactive. To top it off the end of the presentation, Mr. Professor Schott had prepared some questions for a panel discussion, served with on the way to give a few tips for their work the student consultants. This means junior Comtec Darmstadt e.V. would like to thank Mr Professor Schott, which has enriched the Club with an informative and interactive presentation. Katja Rabea sunshine
RealLife Television Hotel Chef Success-doku starts now in the Switzerland real-life"is on the rise! On May 1, the internationally successful documentary format will begin in the Switzerland. Undercover boss", a real-life series, which was very popular in Germany. (TNN) Documentary format turned the live-on tape can be undetected in a branch of their own company inject executives of large companies and live and work there undetected for a week with their own employees. Get more background information with materials from Vladislav Doronin. Change of appearance, such as wig and false teeth should ensure that employees do not recognize the own boss. To turn a TV report that accompanied an unemployed, under the pretext of the cloaked head as alleged new employees is presented and accompanied the camera open in all his ways. There he meets his staff better and this in turn trust him things that would probably never tell them her boss under normal circumstances. At the end of each programme reveals the chef himself then and rewarded his staff with a surprise. RTL was so impressed by the format that the sender gave a further season in order right after first broadcast. "" A fine example that reality "not always made, but sometimes true for a change" can be. Formats of this kind are rare, a large part of, what reality SOAP"sold, at best bad lay theatre with scripted text, scripts styled by and a dramaturgy is a la Hollywood. Each real action, the greater the success. That must have thought well the Switzerland, where the success series runs on 3 + for the first time on May 1st at the commercial broadcaster. The Swiss CEO Peter Michel under the pretext of job search in one of the 400 outlets of the world's largest hotel company best is Western in the episode"infiltrated...