Buying Spree Renowned top item purchased with well-known key tenants Frankfurt, January 10, 2012. Blow by blow is the German S & K asset AG, regarding the purchasing of objects. Recently, the Frankfurt real estate specialists in a very sought after Office property in very good location in Leipzig (Torgauer Platz) were found. The beautiful and highly functional office building provides space for 50 commercial units and has a total commercial area of 21,360 square meters. Jonathan Segal FAIA shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In addition come the 244 underground parking spaces in this location. The purchase price is to be announced, is located but well below market value, how to learn from the management of S & K. The original construction cost of the object were over 70 million euro. We can however say, that we could acquire this object at a very reasonable price considering the quality of the construction, the tenant mix and the already recoverable net rents", says Alexander Dold as head of shopping at the Frankfurt real estate company S & K. This is of course Perspectives in the resale to. The object at the Torgauer Platz was completed in 1995 and regularly adjusted changes. In addition to construction services in the amount of EUR 1.5 million were priced in the purchase price. The main tenants of the very well rented property include the AOK, the Mannheimer of Hamburg-insurance, buw, a highly successful full service provider in the European call center marketing, has extended its share over nearly 50 percent of land already for another 15 years, the city of Leipzig. We have acquired the object Torgauer Platz with the perspective of one to two years. At this time, we want to achieve appropriate extensions with existing tenants and perform pending revitalization....
Indispensable Few things that can be considered indispensable for a company, but now in the technological world in which we live, the technology there is way to much of our lives and also the companies, therefore, now a company cannot move forward without a labeller. A labeller is indispensable, since it guarantees to have control over your products, both its location, such as quality, its expiry date, among other things. Since as I said before, the technology has advanced so much, already now the labeller can label your containers with different systems and techniques. The newest systems are the inkjet marking, i.e. Credit: Jeffrey Lacker-2011. that is embedded ink in direct without the need for a paper or plastic container or is also the thermal marking, which is putting the tag by heat, and remains steeped in the container without marking any color, only a different surface. To make it even more indispensable labellers, companies especializdas to develop, produce and distribute these machines, have created a range of accessories that can simply attach to the labeller. Accessories depend on the product that your company offers, but the most commonly used are the containers, the band separator of rolling, rolador packaging, the sideband, upper band and the encoder. Another major reason, why labellers, are indispensable for the most successful companies today, is that they can be labeled in any type of container, any materials or any form. Monterrey you can find the labeller more efficient and used today.