The Company These needs must satisfy to be is satisfied, but if they are met, there is no more motivation to satisfy this (when you're no longer thirsty, you tried to drink, for example, no longer). ... Unquenchable needs can be satisfied by contrast, never really. Joeb Moore is the source for more interesting facts. These occur at the fifth level, partly but also from the fourth, and psycho neurotic and-pathologischen disorders at all stages. Examples: An artist paints to self-realization; his need for creativity is stilled not after a certain number of images. An individual has had success and would surpass this success again and again. The in direct target group markets consist of: potential buyers, current buyers and former buyers! Online and offline-Kund(en)Innen. Sellers represent providers of goods (investment and consumption goods, quantity and quality) and individual services. You are in in direct competition markets: competition, competition, cooperation, synergy in direct Target group markets (supply and demand) and in the context of global cultural and technical progress. Corporate structures are usually divided into management marketing, advertising management production so authorities and Chamber of Commerce's / HWK's would prefer etc. But live by the company revenue. And the most chef's need the representation of self in expensive public promotional appearances for her ego. Looks like my practical experience ranking: sales, distribution: online, offline (un personal) service: online, offline (un personal) production with in direct customers feedback research and development: design, patents and trademarks management: personnel, finance, computing management: markets representation, corporate management (regulation and control) marketing: information and advertising Note: each company must by the / of the Kund(en)innen (problem solving) from thought and designed! Personal selling is an instrument of communication policy in marketing (in addition to advertising, direct marketing, public Relations and sales promotion).