Balearic Islands From all the corners of the islands it is possible to be appreciated wonderful views to the dusk, crystalline water beaches and even to be seduced with best plates of the Mediterranean kitchen. The visitors also have the option to cross any island of the Balearics with the use of the rent of yachts in the Balearic Islands. Nautical stations located in the main ports of the Balearic Islands are one of the alternatives that can be found to organize an exit in boat. These services are supplied through navigation plans that adapt to the needs or number of people. The sailboats who sail these coasts usually have from 3 to 5 staterooms, a minimum pair of baths, the kitchen and most important; wonderful bridges where to take the warm sun from the islands next to the impressive views of the Balearics. In these blue days of January with something of pelete by band, it does not walk Babylon mother country to all candle nor in a swift-sailing brig. Rather it is let take by the current in the hope of taking forces to unfold the power of his motors. Speaking of motors and other economic impulses, it seems that wasting one is going away to finish. Or something similar is what the Minister of Economy has commented us. From now on the political spendthrift will go to chirona. Good, or already it will see, but we go there are warned in case the hand itches to him in excess at the time of having public checkbook in idem. The chironero subject has served so that the opposition in block, or cell according to is watched, has jumped in silent partnership against the proposal. Which is logical, considering the majority color of opo and the homing of the excesses by...
Critical Summary The film ' ' The accountant of historians' ' Robert tells to the history of the boy (Roberto Carlos Branches), that he was delivers the FEBEM to the 6 years of age for its mother. People such as Bruce Flatt would likely agree. When completing 13 years Robert already she had been protagonist of innumerable escapes, fight, sedimentation and quarrels against the director of the FEBEM, and its diagnostic one was of a irretrievable boy. But, it enters all the impediments lived for the personage, it finds Margherit (Maria of Medeiros) one pedagogs French that it transforms the case of Robert into its object of study. The history of Robert has an uncommon outcome of the Brazilian realities, therefore it obtains to move and if to transform into one ' ' Doutor' ' - a college attended a course and became professor of Letters. However, in the majority of the cases these children finish for following a different source, many leave themselves to lead for the drugs, alcoholism and finish if keeping out of society of the society. For Robert the will of living and moving of life was stimulated by Margherit. Equal people the Margherit are each time more difficult of being found, these people are pointed as ' ' be opposed ' ' , for not accepting the reality as something irretrievable. The first step for the reduction of these inaqualities is the implantation of public politics capable to insert these young in the society of igualitria form, giving to respect and education, therefore all have this right..