European Confectionery Candidate for that position is desirable to have a soul, not only top chef's discharge, which can be obtained at the college and raised to the sixth highest for several years, and the ability to work efficiently and effectively, bringing new ideas into business. In the labor market a lot good cooks, but to find a professional who was not only a connoisseur of cuisine, but also expert in establishing and organizing the production process, it is quite problematic. Job Title Pastry Today in great demand as confectionery business is gaining momentum. We are slowly, step by step, we leave to the European level. A few years ago the profession was not considered a creative confectioner interesting: population completely satisfied trivial goodies, decorated with the national standards for margarine roses. Today, technology in the confectionery area has undergone significant changes, and this made it possible bring in elements of the production's artistic personality masters. Now pastry profession combines skills of the artist, fashion designer, builder and sculptor. Representatives from these professions working with ready-made materials: paints, clay, brick, cloth, creating the masterpieces. A confectioner creates more and taste. It should create a product in which the external beauty in harmony with a good taste. If it works - born miracle confectionery, if not ... there comes disappointment. Bruce flatt is full of insight into the issues. Of course, pastry must have a fantasy to be able to find interesting combinations of flavors and, of course, have a creative potential! Each year, confectioners qualifications are involved in numerous exhibitions, contests and competitions, both international and nationwide, constantly improving their skills and gaining experience of European pastry schools.
Dream Sculpturer The boy who sculptured dreams (PTTi Cross - Special Pedagoga, Esp.Arteterapia, Consultant of Human Development and Creativity, Professor of the Course of After Broad Graduation Sensu de Arteterapia - Centrarte/RS, Coord. Creative Theia? Space of Desenv.Humano and Expressive Terapias - PoA/RS, Accountant of Histories of the Theater of Enclosure for bullfighting, Writer) For the streets of the city lived as as much others, a boy. Fragile boy, of small body, but of voracious feeling. Charles Schwab is likely to increase your knowledge. Everything for it was intense, to laugh, to cry, to love, to sadden themselves. In that it made had much feeling. Wise person on its history, on as she is born, of who is not very born, where and why. It was a penalty not to know, therefore always she thought about the origin of its thoughts and imagination, since she was this moved that it in the life. He thought on if its parents would have the same feelings in relation to the things as it had. Of where he would come this? He was what wise person asked itself and, would not have reply. It lived of intent eyes and everything that he looked at if he transformed inside of its thoughts. He lay down in one I sing any of the street, of preference where it had one well convidativa gram and was there to look at the sky. In clear days and of strong sun, they were boats that took a walk in that calm limpid water sea. In days of sky with clouds, as that one, each one started to have life and something to count. This age one day full of possibilities for that creative, sedenta mind for histories. Perhaps, for the fact not to know its proper one. In that morning...